Envelop Desk
PRICE: $400

This desk stands alone or can be used freestanding in a system. The sliding work surface is comprised of 2 sections; the infield section at the front is made of black urethane with a center cutout, the outfield section at the back has a white laminate surface with clear plywood edges. With the user seated in a reclined position, the surface of the desk slides forward 7″, allowing the infield  to pivot down 7 degrees to surround the user and support the forearms and wrists. It has the Avive legs with pin height adjustment allowing to adjust in 1″ increments with a 6″ range. The desk measures 45″-wide by 30.75″-deep. The list price is $1,398.

For availability please email us or call us at (616) 748-7944.