Graphite Mirra Chairs

Feb 20 | 2018

Group of matching Mirra chairs with all the adjustments just came into the store!  

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Aeron Chairs

Oct 5 | 2017

We have a variety of Aeron Chairs & Stools on the floor right now! Starting at $450  

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Aug 3 | 2017

$100 OFF MIRRA, CELLE, AERON & EMBODY CHAIRS!! *Limited time only!

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Jul 13 | 2017

Group of Graphite Aeron B Chairs in stock! Outlet Price: $500 each For availability, please email us or call: (616) 748-7944.  

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Celle & Mirra Chairs

Jul 6 | 2017

CELLE CHAIR Price: $400 Quantity: 20 Description: This chair has a Cellular Suspension seat and back material that is lightweight and breathable. The material evenly distributes the user’s weight over the seat and allows the back to provide flexible and continuous support. The Harmonic tilt provides continuous balance and lets the body recline naturally, pivoting […]

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Matching Chairs

Apr 13 | 2017

Looking for a matching group of chairs? Here are a few options we have right now…                                                      

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Eames Aluminum Group Management Chairs

Jan 23 | 2017

This low-back chair has a lightweight Graphite frame and arms. It has a 5-star base with tilt-swivel mechanism, manual seat-height, and is upholstered with a Black vinyl. The list price is $1,802. Our Price: $600 Quantity: 25+

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Aeron Chairs

Jan 16 | 2017

We have a large group of miscellaneous Aeron chairs right now on our floor! Various sizes, colors, and adjustments. Please stop in and check them out! This chair has 3 sizes and a Pellicle material that conforms to the user’s body and retains its original shape when unoccupied. The material is lightweight and breathable and […]

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High-End Office Chairs

Mar 14 | 2016

We have many high-end office chairs in stock right now! Embody chairs (top rated office chair in 2015), Mirra chairs, Aeron chairs, Sayl chairs, and many more!   For availability, please email us or call: (616) 748-7944.

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Equa Chairs

Feb 11 | 2016

This chair has a flexible, 1-piece shell with an H-shaped cutout, a seat and back with foam padding, a 5-star base, and a pneumatic seat-height adjustment. The list price for this chair is $1,377. Our Price: $150 each Quantity: 50+

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Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair

Jul 15 | 2015

This high-back chair with arms has a lightweight aluminum frame with suspended Quartz Cygnus upholstery. It has a 5-star base with casters, tilt-swivel mechanism, and manual seat-height adjustment. Retail price is $1,839. Quantity: 19 Our Price: $700 each

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LARGE Group of Matching Embody Chairs

Jun 5 | 2015

For availability, please email us or call: (616) 748-7944. This chair has a pixelated seat and back that is textile-covered in Rhythm Berry Blue on the chair’s front side. This construction provides support and comfort by spontaneously conforming to the user’s shape and postural movements, while simultaneously moving heat away from the body. The Instinctive […]

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Setu Chairs

Jan 19 | 2015

We just received this large group of Setu Chairs… This multipurpose chair has a one-piece mesh suspension between outer composite polymer frames. The Kinematic Spine™ technology is integrated into the chair’s back frames to allow for varying recline positions and continuous support. The H-Alloy base material is a durable and anti-corrosive aluminum, eliminating the need […]

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