Come have a walkthrough…

Jan 18 | 2024

Lots of beautiful new things this week!!

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Stunning variety of MillerKnoll brands at the outlet!

Oct 2 | 2023

We have a stunning variety of MillerKnoll brands at the outlet! Pop in for a visit 🙂

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Never know what you will find…

Jun 5 | 2023

Office Outlet is kinda like a box of chocolates…you never know what ya gonna get!!

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A little bit of everything…

Sep 23 | 2022

From accessories, to shelving, ottomans, lighting, tables, and lounge furniture! We have it all!!

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Fun New Things!!

Nov 18 | 2021

A lot of fun things on the floor today!!

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Some new things…

Jun 18 | 2021

Some Eames, Nelson, Magis, and NaughtOne for you this Friday morning!

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Sizzling New Arrivals

May 20 | 2021

Some sizzling new arrivals this hot week in May!  

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HAY Accessories!

Mar 5 | 2021

We love getting new HAY accessories! Especially when the colors make us feel like spring has sprung!

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New Arrivals!!!

Dec 1 | 2020

Some VERY exciting new products today!!!

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Maharam Pillows

Jul 16 | 2019

Check out the assortment of pillows we received – Popular designer textiles such as Alexander Girard, Paul Smith, Hella Jongerius, and many more.

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Twist LED Task Lights

Nov 27 | 2018

OUR PRICE $25 set (1 starter unit, 1 add-on unit) This light mounts under a flipper door unit, storage unit, shelf or any other surface to light the work area. It has an aluminum extruded housing, poly-carbonate lens, and 2 linear light-emitting diodes (LED). The light can be rotated 45 degrees forward and backward by […]

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Monitor Arms

Oct 24 | 2013

  Wishbone Monitor Arm Assembly – This monitor arm assembly supports a flat panel monitor and includes post (16 1/8″-high), monitor arm, and attachment bracket for a variety of mounting options. The wishbone post option includes monitor arm location ring, a cable management clip, and an extension stud. The monitor arm has a quick release monitor attachment, and […]

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